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Abraira Lab - Rutgers University - New Jersey, USA

The Abraira Laboratory at Rutgers University, in New Jersey, USA, is recruiting a Post-doctoral Fellow to study the spinal cord somatosensory systems important for functional recovery after injury. We use cutting edge technologies in mouse molecular genetics, viral circuit tracing, spinal cord electrophysiology, and recovery scales based on computer vision and machine learning. Funding from: Pew Charitable Trust, Whitehall Foundation, Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, Wings for Life, NJ Commission on Spinal Cord Research, NIH/NINDS K01 and R01. Our lab is embedded within the Keck Center Spinal Cord injury project with expert technical support on all aspects of animal surgery and care!


Blackmore Lab - Marquette University - Milwaukee, USA - Postdoctoral Fellow

The Blackmore Laboratory at Marquette University, in Milwaukee, USA, is recruiting a Post-doctoral Fellow to pursue research focused on the transcriptional control of axon growth. Possible projects can fall anywhere on the lab pipeline from bioinformatic-based discovery of novel pro-growth genes, to behavioral testing of lead targets in rodent models. See for details.

Bittner Lab - University of Texas at Austin - Post-Doc

The Bittner Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin has recently received funding to support a postdoctoral fellow for at least three years to research acute and chronic repair of crushed or severed spinal cords using PEG-fusion combined with cell or substance enhanced hydrogels and other bioengineered technologies.

Please email Dr. George D Bittner at and attach a CV/resume that includes an email and phone number at which you might be reached for an initial interview/conversation.

Abraira Lab - Rutgers University - New Jersey, USA

The Abraira Lab at Rutgers University (W.M. Keck Center for Spinal Cord Research) is looking for motivated scientists at all levels to study spinal cord circuits of movement in health and after injury. We use a variety of cutting-edge technologies: mouse genetics, electrophysiology, circuit tracing, computer vision and machine learning. (Lots of funding! Pew, NIH/K01, NIH/R01, Whitehall, Craig H Neilsen, Wings for Life, etc)

Tedeschi/Sun Lab, Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University

A postdoctoral position is available in the Tedeschi/Sun Laboratory at The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, USA. The position is offered to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain and spinal cord injury.